About us

Our mission at investfake.com is to provide the best advice and resources to help people make safe and profitable investments and avoid scam schemes. We offer cutting-edge summaries of CFD brokers, crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, investment companies, and trading courses, so our users can make informed decisions about their investments. We also provide our website for leaving reviews so anyone can easily find the perfect place to invest and educate. In a nutshell, our main goal is identifying as many fake and dangerous offers as possible that can embarrass you, waste your time, and rob you of your hard-earned money.

Our Keystones

While working on any project, we firmly adhere to our corporate values, and the creation of investfake.com was no exception. Let us highlight the main positions on which we rely in our practice.

User-oriented content

We create company descriptions for interested and potential readers, not for soulless search robots. We seek not to load the site with meaningless functions, distracting blocks, and iridescent advertising. Instead, we hope that you will find useful weighted company overviews, its basic characteristics like minimum deposit or license, and brief conclusions. You can also leave any feedback if you wish. And of course, you can easily get acquainted with the previously left reviews about any company.

Relevance of topics

On investfake.com we have rejected financial schemes that are outdated like worm-eaten wood. Such can be called binary options, a variety of ponzi schemes, offers of exclusive earnings in 5 seconds… Oh, they all look like a children’s collection of colorful candy wrappers that have been folded so many times that they are almost worn white. We are not attracted to this junk from the attic, and it scarcely should attract you. Let’s pay attention to the world of cryptocurrencies, trading, and promises to make you a top-class investor!

Flexibility and timely response

We monitor the market daily in search of the next scammers and thieves who stick their hands into your wallet. Often we manage to find investment projects freshly baked like fragrant cinnamon buns. They are only a couple of weeks, or even less, while real financial companies have to work for many years to earn an honest reputation. The speed of reaction in such cases is very important, because scammers work for a short time and are closed before they have time to be accused of a crime. Thus, the sooner we react to the appearance of villains, the more people will be protected from fake earnings offers.

Caring for ordinary investors

With investfake.com you don’t have to puzzle over how reliable a particular project is. (Of course, if it comes into our field of vision). Take a look at its summary, go through the FAQ area, and inspect the reviews that are available. By the way, do not hesitate to write your own review and share all the details of cooperation if you have something to say about some company. In addition to the above, you can use a variety of filters on our website to choose a reliable company or one that meets your needs. Just get started and enjoy a safe path in the world of investing.